What’s coming for Orion Money in 2022?

It’s been a really busy year for the Orion Money team and community!

Since our start in April 2021, the Orion Money team has been tirelessly at work building the new golden standard for a cross-chain stablecoin bank. …

Step by step guide how to stake ORION-UST and ORION to earn more $ORIONs

As ORION now is available on Terra blockchain — of course, we’re bringing ORION-UST and ORION token staking to Terra too.

Also to be safe — this is the only ORION token Terra contract address: terra1mddcdx0ujx89f38gu7zspk2r2ffdl5enyz2u03

Step by step guide how to stake $ORIONs and LPs to earn more $ORIONs

Stake ORION tokens now to earn more

Once you purchased some $ORION tokens, you can get some great $ORION staking rewards from staking $ORION and $ORION/ETH or $ORION/BUSD LPs.

How to buy $ORION tokens?

You can purchase $ORIONs from Gate.io, Uniswap (Ethereum), Pancakeswap (BSC), or Quickswap (Polygon):

Option 1. You can deposit in Gate.io ERC-20 $ORIONs and withdraw BSC/BEP20 $ORION:

Option 2. Or you can bridge using Chainport.io. Read in detail how to do it here.

We are going to explain in detail how to bridge the $ORION token between different chains — Ethereum, BSC and Polygon (for later on) using Chainport.io.

1. Go to Chainport.io:

The very first step will be to go to Chainport.io and click on the Launch App button.

Orion Money

Orion Money's vision is to become a cross-chain stablecoins bank - the best place in DeFi for stablecoin saving, lending, and spending. Check www.orion.money

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