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Enhancing the value of ASTRO with Terra NFT and ORION

It’s time to give back to our beloved Terra community

At Orion Money, we’re building the first cross-chain stablecoin bank. Our initial vision was — and still is — to enable everyone (not just so-called “accredited investors) to reach financial freedom in a safe and easy way.

That’s why we’ve built our core products of the likes of Saver and APY levels on chains like Ethereum and Polygon and ORION token on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. However, everyone in the community knows the Orion Money core team is made of LUNAtics at heart.

And over the last 12 months, the support of the Terra community has been overwhelming, with over 115,000 supporters on Twitter, and 50,000 across Telegram, Discord, and Medium! This support can’t be quantified only with numbers — this love can be felt, and seen around every corner of Crypto Twitter. To pay some of this love forward, we’re ready to invest even more to nurture this incredible culture and community that we’re part of.

At Orion Money, we firmly believe that:

  1. DeFi — and TeFi even more — should be incredibly easy to understand and use for the average Joe, not just accredited investors.

2. The Astroport DEX — which is quickly becoming a cornerstone of the Terra ecosystem — is going to play a key part in opening up the gates to TeFi, thanks to its deep liquidity pools and cutting-edge user experience.

3. Last but not least, the NFT community on Terra — of which our core member Sam I Am is a huge champion — just starting its growth!

Hence, we are lanching shortly a new product that will be Terra-first, and that will combine all the three points above. We call it ASTROBooster.

What is ASTROBooster?

As mentioned above, we’re big fans of Astroport and its ve-tokenomics. However, to make the most out of it, $ASTRO holders need to make many compromises, such as buying and locking ASTRO tokens for up to two years to generate maximum rewards.

Yes, you’re thinking it, and we’re going to say it — ASTROBooster helps anyone on Terra to earn the highest rates on their ASTRO holdings.

Also, Astroport LPs will be able to earn great rates without buying ASTRO and increase them even higher by staking ORION and Terra NFTs.

Boosted Yield for Astroport LPs with ORION and NFTs

How ASTROBooster exactly works?

So what does ASTROBooster do exactly and how does it work?

Converting and staking of ASTRO/xASTRO will be phase 1 of ASTROBooster launch, followed by phase 2 with boosted xASTRO-orionASTRO swap pool and phase 3 with boosted APY of Astroport LPs in the coming weeks.

Please read below a summary of all phases.

Convert your $ASTRO or xASTRO tokens into a derivative orionASTRO token

On ASTROBooster, you’ll be able to convert your $ASTRO or xASTRO tokens into a derivative orionASTRO token at a rate 1 orionASTRO per 1 xASTRO.

This will entitle you to receive all of the below incredible benefits:

  • 100% of the rewards on x/vxASTRO in the same way as you would receive when you lock your xASTRO on Astroport for the duration of two full years!
  • Extra! 15% of all the LP rewards from Astroport (40+ LPs will be available soon)
  • Extra! More rewards in $ORION tokens (will be auto-compounded soon too)
  • Extra! Automatically enter to win over 1000 Terra NFTs (we’ll be running 50 NFT giveaways per day for the first week, and then 10 NFTs per day until 1000 NFTs giveaway is completed)

Note: exact % might be adjusted with time as needed to ensure the effective functioning of the project.

Why you should deposit your ASTRO/xASTRO into Orion Money’s ASTROBooster?

  1. We’re estimating that the combined ASTROBooster rewards will be the highest on the market. Not only significantly higher than original x/vxASTRO rewards but likely much higher than what other projects will provide you for your ASTRO/xASTRO!
  2. You will start receiving your rewards as soon as you convert and stake your ASTRO/xASTRO — without 3 months waiting time!
  3. Also, the rewards will be the highest at the launch so make sure to convert & stake your ASTRO/xASTRO as soon as ASTROBooster is open!

Note: orionASTRO can’t be unstaked till Phase 2 when orionASTRO-xASTRO pool is fully setup and opened. This is done to prevent any unofficial orionASTRO-xASTRO pools that might not hold the 1:1 peg.

So, get your ASTRO or xASTRO ready for the ASTROBooster launch! See below for when.

Boost APYs of your Astroport LPs with $ORION and NFT staking

You will be able to stake your Astroport LPs (or create new ones) on Orion’s ASTROBooster. You will receive up to 80% boosted LP rewards by default, with additional APY boosting when you stake $ORION tokens or Terra NFTs. Launch of LPs on ASTROBooster will start with setting up of xASTRO-orionASTRO pool which will be paying out significant rewards to its LPers.

The above points will accumulate additional revenue for $ORION staking accruing value for the $ORION token and its community. This also will be the stepping stone that will lead us in the direction of incorporating the ve-tokenomics for $ORION as well.

When you stake Terra NFTs, you’ll be able to boost your APYs even further. We’re planning to implement many more NFT-related features on ASTROBooster, like:

  • NFT staking
  • NFT borrowing and lending
  • NFT analytics and rarity calculator

See the below infographics for more details on how it works:

ASTROBooster flow. Exact % might be changed with time as needed.

WEN ASTROBooster launch?

Orion Money team has already been working on ASTROBooster for a while — we’re now in the process of finalizing everything and getting ready to launch it on…🥁

Friday April 29th afternoon UTC time

The exact time will be communicated on the day on our Twitter account. Get ready to start converting & staking your ASTRO/xASTRO as the rewards will be the highest from the start.

It will give you the chance to stake ASTRO/xASTRO for rewards and in phase 2 to setup your xASTRO-orionASTRO liquidity pool to ensure everyone can comfortably swap between these tokens.

Just get your $ASTRO tokens ready for ASTROBooster when it launches to get the most rewards at the launch! Keep an eye on our Twitter for the next announcement.

ASTROchads 🤝 LUNAtics — #LFG! 🚀

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