How to Bridge $ORION Tokens between Ethereum, BSC, Terra and Polygon

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Step-by-step guide on how to bridge $ORION tokens between Ethereum, BSC, Terra and Polygon

Update only related to BSC $ORION token Migration

$ORION token (Chainport) on BSC has been migrated to $ORION (Wormhole) to enable seamless bridging using Wormhole Bridge. To migrate your ORIONs:

1. ORION-BUSD Staking LPs and staked ORIONs will be updated automatically within 2–3 hours from 2pm UTC today. You do not need to do anything.

2. Action required: $ORION (Chainport) tokens in your wallet will need to be migrated using Wormhole within next 3 months: <Go to Wormhole Bridge>

With ORION token launch this week on Terra, Orion Money is delivering on its mission of becoming a cross-chain stablecoin bank as per our Lite Paper.

This is a step-by-step text guide to how to bridge $ORION from Ethereum/BSC to Terra and back.

Our friends at Yield Labs created a very detailed and easy-to-follow video tutorial about how to bridge ORION to Terra. You can watch the video tutorial or check the step-by-step process below.

We will review the below use cases here:

A. How to bridge $ORION from Ethereum and BSC to Terra — using => Terra withdrawals are yet implemented by Gate team and it will take more time. Apologies for the delay with it. We’ll post when Terra withdrawals for ORION on Gate are available. Please use 2 below options to bridge Orion to Terra.

B. How to bridge $ORION from Ethereum to Terra (and back) — using Wormhole bridge

C. How to bridge $ORION token from BSC to Terra (and back) — using Chainport and Wormhole bridges

A. How to bridge $ORION using

If you have an account at — you can deposit $ORION from any of the three networks and withdraw into any network too: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon or Terra.

Please mind of course that is a centralized exchange and the speed of deposit/withdrawal depends on their internal processes and sometimes they might experience delays. supports now Terra deposits and withdrawals for ORION

Before we start describing self-service bridges — please make sure to check and use ONLY official $ORION token addresses as below:

ETH: 0x727f064a78dc734d33eec18d5370aef32ffd46e4

BSC: 0x5530ec23f4eE1521182bd158C09F4CA7efEC1ef0

Terra: terra1mddcdx0ujx89f38gu7zspk2r2ffdl5enyz2u03

Also please mind that to bridge any token you would need to have some gas tokens on both sending and receiving networks — ETH, BNB, or Luna respectively.

B. How to bridge $ORION from Ethereum to Terra (and back)

You can bridge $ORION token from Ethereum to Terra using the Wormhole bridge. Wormhole is the only bridge we use for ORION from Ethereum to Terra. Wormhole bridge is a significant upgrade to moving assets between Terra and other chains. Orion Money works closely with the Wormhole team to enable bridging of the ORION token from Ethereum to Terra and back.

Do NOT use Terra bridge for this as it will bridge your Ethereum $ORION to an unsupported token on Terra and to use it you will need to bring it back to Ethereum. In fact, all Terra bridge issued assets (such as wUST) will be migrated soon to Wormhole-issued assets.

  1. Go to and click ‘Transfer Tokens’ at the top right on your screen

2. Select from the dropdown ‘Ethereum’ and click Connect button to connect to your Metamask wallet — where you have your $ORION tokens (on Ethereum).

3. You will see your wallet address, click Select a token

4. Select ORION token (you can search for it by name), make sure that address is 0x72…46e4 (full address is 0x727f064a78dc734d33eec18d5370aef32ffd46e4)

5. Enter ORION amount you want to transfer, click Next

6. Select Terra as Target network and click Connect button (to connect your terra station extension). Make sure that if you use Ledger you’ve selected the Terra app there.

7. Double check bridged tokens address: terr…2u03 (ORION on terra mainnet, full address: terra1mddcdx0ujx89f38gu7zspk2r2ffdl5enyz2u03), and sent to address, click Next button

8. Click Transfer to confirm the transaction in Metamask wallet (if you use Ledger, make sure you launched Ethereum app again)

9. Double check that you are transferring ORION (Ethereum) to terr…2u03 (Terra) and click Confirm

10. Sign transaction in MM (make sure Ethereum app is active if you use Ledger)

11. Wait for transaction completion (checkmark on ‘send tokens’ + transaction hash and view on Etherscan button). Click Redeem to receive tokens on the Terra side

12. Sign transaction with Terra station (make sure that Terra app is launched if using Ledger)

13. Wait for transaction completion: hash + view on Finder. It’s done! 🎉

P.S. Please mind that Wormhole tokens have 8 digit decimals and Orion token on Terra has 8 decimals because of this. Terra station wallet has been updated for this but Terra Finder might show that you have more ORION by 2 zeroes as it supports by default only 6 digit decimals.

C. How to bridge $ORION token from BSC to Terra (and back) — using Chainport and Wormhole bridges

Right now you can’t send $ORION token directly from BSC to Terra as the BSC ORION is a bridged token itself and at the time Wormhole bridge wasn’t yet launched. Currently, we use for Ethereum — BSC transfers Chainport bridge — hence, to transfer ORION from BSC to Terra there will be two options:

1st option: To do this via deposit and withdrawal as described at the start of this post.

2nd option:

  1. To bridge $ORION token BSC -> Ethereum using Chainport bridge: step-by-step guide here;
  2. To bridge $ORION token Ethereum -> Terra as we described in detail above.

We hope that such a detailed explanation and step-by-step guides for each use case will help you to bridge your $ORION tokens easily, cheaply, and safely and to be Orion Money participant on every blockchain!

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