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3 min readNov 15, 2021

How to collect your $ORION airdrops and stake to earn staking rewards

Today is the day!

We have big news:

  • Today Luna stakers and Orion Money validator delegators will be able to start collecting their $ORION airdrops
  • You can stake $ORION airdrops right away for a high APR

For a detailed read about $ORION airdrops read our previous post on this topic. Important to note that:

- 1st airdrop today is for your Luna stake with any validator.

- If you stake with Orion Money validator — after you claimed 1st airdrop, press refresh and then collect Orion validator airdrop.

Orion validator airdrop will be done on a monthly basis for next 11 months (details here).

In the current post, we want to show how to collect airdrops and stake them.

How to collect your $ORION Airdrops on Terra

If you were staking Luna with any validator at the time of Genesis ORION snapshot (October 20, 2021 1pm UTC) — you qualify for ORION Genesis airdrop. If you were staking at the snapshot time with Orion Money validator — you will also receive 2nd aidrop specifically for ORION validator delegators. See for more details our previous post on this.

  1. To collect $ORION Airdrops — go to Orion.money website and click Launch dApp

2. Choose Terra as Network and choose your Terra wallet depending if you are on a laptop or mobile

3. Once you open Orion Money dApp, if your Terra wallet is in the snapshot, you will see 1) Airdrop pop-up in the top-right screen; 2) Staking interface.

This Screenshot is from testnet — numbers might differ on mainnet

4. To collect Airdrops — you can click either Claim & Stake or Claim button. It will then open a screen that shows the amount of the airdrop and the cost of transactions.

Once you confirmed the above transactions in your Terra station wallet — your ORION will be staked or collected (depends which button you pressed).

Please mind that ORION staking has 7 days unstaking condition (the same as on Ethereum and BSC).

Note: Airdrops not collected within 3 months will be re-purposed for $ORION staking rewards — increasing rewards for $ORION stakers on Terra.

ORION Staking

Follow steps 1–3 as above. Then just press Stake for $ORION Staking and confirm in the pop-up screen and in your Terra station wallet.

Please mind that ORION staking has 7 days unstaking condition (the same as on Ethereum and BSC).

We hope now you’re staking your $ORIONs and earning great rewards! 🎉🎉🎉

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