Orion Money Private Farming

Over 700 whitelisted investors, crypto projects, and community members
  • When: Orion Money Private Farming will start on Monday, August 16th at 1 PM UTC.
  • Who: ONLY already whitelisted participants will be able to deposit into Private Farming. We selected a diverse group of value-adding protocol participants — VCs and individual investors, crypto projects on both Ethereum and Terra, and crypto communities.
  • What: You can deposit ERC-20 stablecoins: wrapped UST, USDC, USDT, DAI, FRAX, BUSD. You can withdraw your deposit back anytime (15% early withdrawal fees first 30 days) or after the Private Farming ends — in 3–4 months, or transfer to Orion Saver to earn 20–25% APY.
  • Where: Private Farming vault at URL: https://app.orion.money/farm (Will be live on Aug 16th at 1 PM UTC. Ensure you’re on the correct website/page before depositing)
  • How to deposit: You will be able to deposit into the Private Farming vault https://app.orion.money/farm from August 16th 1 PM UTC for 21 days. We have implemented a deposit block for slippage >1%, but please watch for the slippage and gas fees when making deposits.
  • What fees and slippage I might have when depositing into Orion Saver and Private Farming vault? Please see below a short explanation and read for a detailed answer here: https://orion.money/how-it-works
Private farming steps.

Why are we doing Private Farming, not just Private Sale?

Common questions about Private Farming:

  1. What are my limits for Private Farming? Private Farming has two main limits as referred to in the Orion Money Lite Paper: minimum of $50,000 and maximum $1m (exclusions are for a couple of value-added groups with lower minimums and some VC funds with a pre-agreed higher maximum). You can deposit for Private Farming an amount that is different from what you filled out in the whitelist form as long as this amount is between these two limits.
  2. When I can withdraw my stablecoins? After depositing, you can withdraw your stablecoins anytime. However, if you withdrawal within the first 30 days, you will incur a 15% early exit fee. Once you withdraw, and 21 days have passed from the start of Private Farming, you will not be able to deposit back to farm $ORION. See the picture above.
  3. How long will Private Farming run for? We dedicated 70,000,000 $ORION tokens for Private Farming and it will finish once the token pool is depleted, depending on the farming TVL. We estimate 3–4 months for this. Once the farming TVL reaches $70m all new deposits will be stopped.
  4. What to do with high Ethereum gas fees? Unfortunately, we can’t do much about high Ethereum gas fees. We advise the following approaches to minimize gas fees and slippage when depositing into Private Farming:



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