Orion Money will IDO on DAOMaker to reDeFine Stablecoin Banking

Orion Money is incredibly excited to announce a launch of $ORION token via Strong Holder Offering (SHO) with one of the leading players in the tech governance and launchpad industry, DAO Maker.

Orion Money will become the first Terra ecosystem project to launch on Ethereum, demonstrating the momentum of Orion Money as we build out our dApps and generated over $73,000,000 in stablecoin TVL.

We will announce the Orion Money research page and whitelist for DAO Maker SHO as well as more IDO news within a few next days. Follow our Twitter and join Telegram group and DAOMaker for more.

What is Orion Money

Product roadmap and big plans

About DAO Maker

About Orion Money



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