Orion Money IDOs and Airdrops on Terra

Overview of the Orion Money plans for Terra chain with IDOs, Airdrops, and Orion Money validator commission

*This post is more for #LUNAtics — that’s how participants of the Terra blockchain ecosystem call themselves. If you own (and stake) $LUNA — you’re one of them! If you’re not and would like to become one, you can start learning about Terra at Learn-Terra.com and review Terra dashboards by SmartStake.

** For a Primer on Orion Money please read our Litepaper.

Orion Money project is a part of Terra’s fast-growing ecosystem of over 50 upcoming projects (ecosystem scheme by SmartStake). Orion Money brings an easy way to earn high and stable yields from Anchor Protocol to other chains where the majority of stablecoins live right now.

Thus, Orion Money is quite unique as it originated on Terra but its main target market lies outside of Terra. Initially, we’re targeting over $120B in stablecoins on Ethereum, and soon more on other networks. In this, we’re actually similar to Chai (Terra’s sister e-commerce and mobile payments product) which has now close to 2.5M users in Korea and focuses on users outside of Terra but bringing to them value created by Terra blockchain.

As a short summary, Orion Money just started in April 2021 and we’re not yet near Chai’s scale but we’re moving fast and learning from the best in crypto:

As the below picture illustrates, Orion Money wants to enhance the power of the Terra ecosystem and focuses its energy on the Ethereum network (and soon other chains too) to create an incredible energy flow between Terra and other worlds out there!

But what’s in it for me, says #LUNAtic?

If you’re a #LUNAtic and read this and think “I’m happy for you guys, but what’s in it for me?”, there are a couple of things to consider:

Wen IDOs, ser?

And now the closest to everybody’s heart topic — IDOs and Airdrops.

As you know, Orion Money will do IDOs with the two most popular launchpads on the Ethereum network:

We are doing main IDOs on Ethereum to create a huge exposure of the Orion Money brand to Ethereum users and these launchpads are perfect places for this. We already have increased Orion Money’s reach on social media by close to 10X and this will help us to power our marketing activities once we fully launch.

In order to provide wide access to $ORION token on the open market, after the IDOs, we will list the token on September 30th:

Sniping bots has been a huge problem on Terraswap, but even more so on Uniswap and Pancakeswap. We will launch $ORION token at IDO price on CEX (Gate.io) first to completely avoid sniping bots during the initial listing of $ORION. We recommend to anybody who can trade at Gate.io to prepare for this listing as it is your opportunity to buy ORION tokens at (or close to) the IDOs price ($0.05).

Shortly after the listing on Gate.io we will list $ORION on Uniswap and Pancakeswap at the market price — and anybody will be able to purchase ORION tokens in a decentralized way. We will provide more information about $ORION token listings via our social media channels. More exchanges will come soon after this too.

As per our Litepaper, we will also do $ORION IDOs on Terra. As we mentioned during our impromptu announcement done last Friday, Orion Money wants to support the whole Terra ecosystem and will IDOs on the Terra chain with both:

Unfortunately, due to the delay with Columbus 5 and our own development backlog, we have to postpone IDOs on Terra until the end of October. Essentially these IDOs will be post-TGE IDOs and we have to be very careful about how to implement them. We will provide more information about Terra IDOs amounts, max allocation, price, and vesting as soon as we can.

In the meanwhile, #LUNAtics who are active on Ethereum are very welcome to join the whitelists for ORION IDOs with DAOMaker and Polkastarter and participate in Gate.io and DEXes listings as above.

But wen airdrop?

As we described in the Orion Money Litepaper, Orion Money will provide airdrops on both Ethereum and Terra. While airdrops on Ethereum will be mainly used for marketing purposes — to attract new users and scale TVL for the Orion Money products, on Terra we will follow the path of giving back to the incredible Terra community.

We have dedicated 4% of the total ORION token supply to Airdrops (40,000,000 ORIONs):

Airdrops on Terra will be distributed as follows:

As we’re currently very busy with our work on Ethereum (preparations for multiple IDOs, upcoming product launches, and more) we can’t provide an exact date of the genesis airdrop, except to say that it will happen in October 2021.

As per our Litepaper and to ensure that only true long-term supporters delegate to Orion Money validator — we will slowly increase the validator commission from current 0% to a 5% rate on October 1. This will be implemented slowly during 10 days in 0.5% increments starting on September 21.

We described a 5% commission for Orion Money Validator in Orion Money Litepaper and this is the minimum long-term commission used by top Terra validators (some use 10% or even 20%). If you do not want to be charged this commission and do not want to receive extra $ORION airdrops — please re-delegate your Orion Money delegator stake to another Terra validator.

The FULL Orion Money validator commission will be used to purchase $ORION tokens from the open market into the Orion Money Staking Fund. And Staking Fund will be used to provide rewards to $ORION stakers in the Orion Saver dApp, so full Orion Money validator commission will go to $ORION stakers.

How much?

The Terra airdrop amount 1% (10,000,000 ORIONs) will be divided into 14 parts. Out of this, 2 parts will go for airdrops to ALL Luna stakers as genesis airdrop and 12 parts will go to Orion validator stakers (1 part as extra-Genesis airdrop and then 1 part every 30 days).


We hope these airdrops will be very valuable and will reward Luna stakers and Orion Money validator delegators for their early support of our project. That said — we believe that the largest reward and benefit to all #LUNAtics will come from Orion Money’s success in bringing billions of TVL to Anchor and other Terra money markets from other chains.

Orion Money addresses a huge cross-chain opportunity and is moving very fast to capture it. We’ve already launched a live product (Orion Saver) on the Ethereum chain, have built a great community, and grew our initial TVL to $75m+.

But this is just a start for Orion Money — we have ambitious plans to develop our full set of Orion Money dApps, have a presence on every major chain and L2, and grow deposits to billions of dollars in TVL within the next 12 months.

About Orion Money

Orion Money’s vision is to become a cross-chain stablecoin bank providing seamless and frictionless stablecoin saving, lending, and spending. Within the Orion Money stablecoin bank, we have three main products planned — Orion Saver, Orion Yield and Insurance, and Orion Pay. Orion Money uniquely brings high yields from Terra to users on Ethereum protocol in easy-to-use dApps.

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